Sunday, April 21, 2013


 Lo gig

His game
a low gig
sleeps with me
behind closed doors

Walks deliberate steps
ahead in public

once a brick house beauty

I suck back tears
remember tender youth

pour my brittle heart

into his arms   frigid   insincere


gives me bad sex   quick   painful

cops a crude dime and whine

for rent and cash

dines and wines another


thinks me

dumb and desperate

I feel

dumb and desperate

bite my tongue as he

bites in his talk

until need rises


sweet in his beg

a gigolo

who belittles

and strikes

deathing blows

to my generous


closing hand


When the Morning Comes

When the morning comes I’ll be there.

How about you?

The sweetness of love,

Afterglow of passion

Gently wakes me.

Where are you?

When the morning comes

I’m a woman fulfilled.

Remembrances of your touch

Linger on my body still.

What about you?

Remember the love I placed

Upon your face?

Where are you?

When the morning comes

I stretch my body fully

With eyes still closed,

I reach for you.

Hunger sends me to you again,

Body aching, soul crying

Where are you?

When the morning comes,

find you’ve left me alone.

Can’t take no more

Mornings without you.

Need your early morning love

Want to kiss you caress you,

Feed you my dew fresh kiss.

But where are you?

When the next morning comes

I’m ready for the pain.

When the next morning comes

I’ll learn to love again.

The sweetness of love shared

Lies in ruins, no more with you.

I’m stronger now, decision made

I no longer ask where are you

When the morning comes.

Excerpted from
"More of Life's Spices: Seasoned sistahs keepin' it real"

Release date May, 2013

For more info visit:

Vicki Ward
Vicki Ward’s essays and poetry appeared in several anthologies and collections. A former entertainment writer, covering live concerts, and stage plays, her literary focus shifted to writing books about women’s needs and concerns. She edited Life’s Spices from Seasoned Sistahs, an award winning anthology from the voices of mature women of color. She followed that releasing Savvy, Sassy and Bold after 50, a handbook for maturing women packed with financial, health, and retirement strategies for women reaching midlife. Ward has also presented empowerment workshops at women’s conferences and universities. Now retired, she writes full time focused on strategies to empower maturing women to navigate a new phase of their lives.

Her anthology Life’s Spices from Seasoned Sistahs received the ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award, The Bronze Award from the Independent Publishers Association, and Best Anthology from the Los Angeles Black Book Expo. Savvy Sassy and Bold after 50 received the Best Women’s Self Help Book Award, and an Honorable Mention from the Northern California Publishers and Authors.




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