---”You’re here, I’m pleased. I really dig your company.”
---Jill Scott

Welcome to Stephanie’s Epiphanies!

I initially launched this site back in 2009, as a platform to express my myriad views on relationships, culture, the arts, social issues, race relations, education, and the everyday nuances of life.

Over the evolving years, it has allowed me to learn, “school,” grow, share, “filter,“ process, inform, entertain, vent and connect with people of all different walks of life and ideologies.
I am thankful to those of you who have accompanied me on this transformative journey.

I hope that something you read here will lead you to your OWN personal “epiphany,” and in so doing, inspire you to go forth and shed your wisdom and light.

I wear many hats “offline“: I'm an educator, editor, lover of the arts, and student of life.
A foodie, who enjoys good meals, good conversation, simple pleasures, dance, artistic pursuits, and Vanilla Chai Tea.

I have been a writer for as long as I can remember. My articles, essays and interviews have appeared in regional and national publications such as: Mahogany, Being Single Magazine and N'DIGO Magapaper, in addition to numerous websites and popular blogs.

Thanks so much for stopping by and hanging out.
While you're here, I 'd love to learn more about you and your views; I welcome your comments and feedback.

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