Friday, January 20, 2012

Cold Vs Snow

Slipping and sliding my way home on the unplowed streets of Chicago while holding on to the steering wheel like a pair of panties with the elastic missing, I am convinced that Cold is hands-down better than Snow. So, sit back and listen and let my words show that Cold truly is better than Snow.

On snowy days, you might as well be married to the snow brush. And don't expect to get any where in a rush. Because if you're not cleanning off your car 10 times a day, you're somewhere stuck on the express way.

You can get around cold weather by dressing in layers, but there is no maneuvering around snow thanks to the mayor. Traffic comes to a halt, especially on the southside where it seems like we can't get any salt. And once you get moving, it'll be just your luck to turn down a side street and get stuck.

Another thing I detest about white stuff, is the people walking down the middle of the street raising ruckus. You already feel like you're driving through an obstacle course, and here comes the street walkers begging for you to hit them and get some extra points.

I know cold ain't nothing nice, especially when your body feels like a block of human ice. But once you get inside where it's warm, your body will thaw out to its norm whereas it takes days for snow to go away.

So when it's all said and done, unless you're a kid, snow's no fun. Cold is uncomfortable, but the streets remain the same. Give me Cold over Snow any day.

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