Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Relationship Circus

Washing my car the other day, I was privy to what should have been a private conversation between a young woman and young man at the car wash. From the snatches of conversation I heard as I vacuumed out my car, it seemed as though she was giving him the business for disrespecting her.

I shook my head as I listened to her emotionally charged tongue lashing wondering why she was giving so much energy to man that she knew wasn't hers. She acknowledged that she was the jump-off and claimed to have understood the nature of his relationship with this other woman.

Listening to her reminded of how often we become ring masters of our very own three-ring circus. Step right up as we engage in death-defying acrobatic stunts to prove our worth, turn summersaults and backflips, and jump through hoops to demonstrate our loyalty and committment. It's amazing how often we don the clown suit under the guise of love.

Some of us have teetered on the tightrope between sanity and insanity--leaning toward the latter trying to hold on,on an already slippery slope. A word of caution to the ring masters: step out of the ring before it's too late, and you seal your own fate.

Some of us have our head in the mouth of the lion, and maybe because we've been there for so long, or we think we know the nature of the beast, we don't know get out while we still have our heads. So, take my advice and pull out before the lion swallows you whole, and rips a hole in your soul.


  1. Roar on my sister!

  2. That is my concern...People settle for relationships like these and I prayer for the understanding in life that I need to help them. In reality many of us have and will settle, but I feel that with the right motivation, people will not settle as long.

    Like you said..."we've been there for so long...we don't know get out while we still have our heads."

    When I think about that sister in the car wash, I feel that she is always going to confront him and he will calm her down and tell her what is needed to keep her close.

    The reality is people don't want to be alone out here. The other reality people don't know how to properly prepare themselves to avoid settling for anything.