Monday, October 8, 2012

Family: A Tribute

Fall. That time of the year when I’m mildly obsessed with mortality. My father passed in October, my sister in September, and we have had our share of health issues. My mother is a senior and I know that she is closer to the end of life’s song than the beginning. And though I know each of us will take our place on death’s dance floor, it doesn’t stop me from always wanting to request the next song. And so tonight, I pause to think about Family and what it means to me.
For me Family is. . .
 Familiar—no explanation needed.
Family is the Attributes we share.
It is the Multitude of ways that we show up for each other.
Family is knowing each others Idioscrynacies and loving each other anyway.
That family is Love is a given, but in my family Laughter is the glue that holds us
Family is taking each day as it comes--but also Yearning to turn back the clock to the
time when family simply meant Fun.


  1. Your comments on family mirror my own. For each person you named I could very well substitute my own family members. We choose our friends, but family members we have to accept no matter what. Some of us choose to reject the unlovable ones, but I try to embrace them all. Thanks Stephanie. for sharing your reflections. It is nice to know that someone else feels what I am feeling.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I agree; it's always good to know that you are not alone in your thoughts.